Road Vehicle Accident Reconstruction 1/ed

By Dukkipati, Rao V

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This book is a comprehensive guide to solve problems in road vehicle accident reconstruction. Each chapter in this book consists of a concise but thorough fundamental statement of the problems, methods and solutions. The book draws a balance between theory and practice. Eight Chapters are included: Uncertainty in numerical computations and measurements, Basic vehicle motion analysis, Tire forces, Collision analysis, Vehicle rollover analysis, Vehicle dynamics, Braking, Vehicle-pedestrian collisions, and accident reconstruction software, examples and case studies.

This book is quite appropriate for several groups of readers including:

Senior undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics, science, engineering, lawyers, students, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, police department and academies, law enforcement officers, insurance companies, those involved in accident reconstruction and others taking the introductory course on road vehicle accident reconstruction
The book can be adapted for a short professional course on road vehicle accident reconstruction.
Design and research engineers will be able to draw upon the book in selecting and developing road vehicle accident reconstruction aspects for analytical and design purposes.
Practicing engineers and managers who want to learn about the basic principles and concepts involved in road vehicle accident reconstruction and how they can be applied at their own workplace concerns.

Key Features:

The text is devoid of rigorous mathematics.
Draws a balance between theory and practice.
Presents a large number of solved/unsolved problems.
Over 120 example problems and solutions and over 150 unsolved exercise problems.
A wide range of analytical models and software for accident reconstruction and their solutions methods.
Appendices provide overview of vector algebra, basic engineering mathematics, glossary of terms, units and conversions, ACTAR, miscellaneous accident reconstruction formulae, sensitivity analysis of accident reconstruction computations, graph of minimum stopping distance versus speed based on a friction coefficient of 0.7, table of minimum stopping distance versus speed, and maximum safe driving speeds for various visibility conditions.




Additional Info

Additional Info

Author Dukkipati, Rao V
ISBN 9788122434569
Publisher Newage
Year of Publication 2013


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