My Family Doctor

By Dr. Girish Gadkari

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A Family Doctor..... an Indispensable Asset for Life! In this book - “My Family Doctor” he explores the institution of General Practitioner or Family Doctor. Today we find that number of practicing Family Doctors is dwindling. After completing MBBS most Doctors want to do specialization/ super specialization. Dr.Gadkari with over 40 years of experience in General Practice under his belt, makes a point here which is – instead of specialisation even a 'Sadha Doctor' with only MBBS degree can serve the society as a Family Doctor and also make good living out of his profession. This book is actually a field guide to a young medical professional who has earned a MBBS degree and is wondering what next? It not only has the DO's and the DONT's but also the Why, What and How. It enlists the options available to a young professional and also discusses the Pros and Cons of these options. You will also get to read the story of a simple middle class boy with average intelligence (Dr.Gadkari) becoming a good Family Doctor. It has his struggles, triumphs and failures, his value system and wisdom he gathered along his journey. Table of Contents : Dedicated to Thanks Preface 1. My Childhood 2. My secondary school days 3. My secondary school days (Part 2) 4. My crucial intermediate years 5. Getting admission in a Medical College 6. My entry into a Medical College 7. Time spent on the cricket field 8. My academic career in the Medical College 9. My real experience with the patients 10. Post Graduate ambitions of a normal intelligent doctor 11. My second House-post in the Hospital 12. Working as a Registrar in Medical OPD 13. Joining CEAT Tyre factory as a Medical Officer 14. Starting my career as a General Practitioner 15. Opening of my Clinic & my first day as a General Practitioner 16. Difference between a General Practitioner and a Consultant 17. Why a GP or a Family Doctor is must for the Society 18. What does a Family Doctor consider before referring a patient to a Consultant or a Hospital? 19. Family Doctor as a Friend and Counselor 20. Getting Proper Treatment from the Family Doctor 21. Advice to an upcoming GP or Family Doctor 22. To be a Family Doctor or a Super Specialist 23. Earnings of a good GP a Family Doctor 24. Referral fees or Cut or Commission or Bonus in Medical Profession 25. Looking back

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Additional Info

Author Dr. Girish Gadkari
ISBN 9789351100485
Publisher SPD
Year of Publication 2013


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