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  • Environmental Studies Challenge & Solutions

    This book presents a comprehensive account of the concepts of Environmental Studies—compulsory course for all undergraduate streams. During the past three decades, there has been an explosion of books on environmental problems. However, this book is different in a sense that it approaches the various environmental issues with an enigma in mind. Written in question-answer format, it is easy for the student to directly address the subject area and understand it to the point. The main objective of the book is to improve the knowledge and concern towards preservation of our environment. This book will be ideal as a text for students, and will also be of interest to researchers and consultants in the environmental sciences. It will be equally beneficial to the candidates preparing for various competitive examinations. A large number of latest updates, examples and case studies are included. Multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter will help the students to prepare for the examinations. A detailed Glossary has also been given at the end of the book. Table of Contents: (1) The Multidisciplinary Nature of Environmental Studies (2) Natural Resources (3) Ecosystems (4) Biodiversity and its Conservation (5) Environmental Pollution (6) Social Issues and the Environment (7) Human Population and the Environment (8) Field Work. Useful for : Undergraduate students of all streams. Learn More

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  • Food and Nutritonal Security by Sustainable Agriculture

    This book contains chapters written by young enthusiastic scientists, teachers and researchers who are involved in research, teaching and extension of modern scientific agricultural principles and practices in different parts of India. Attempts have been made to cover various aspects of modern agriculture viz. genetic improvement of crop plants, modern methods in plant breeding, seed science, ground water resources management, integrated farming systems, horticultural crops, biological control for sustainable agriculture, underutilized fruit plants health enhancing foods, role of enzymes in food processing, bioinformatics and molecular diagnostics etc., but still many facets lingering due to vast nature of agriculture itself. The major aim of this book is to provide glimpse of important arena to enhance food and nutritional security in a sustainable way. Contents Preface Chapter 01. Genetic Improvement of Crop Plants: Conventional and Modern Techniques P. Kumar Chapter 02. Modern Methods in Plant Breeding: Options & Challenges Avinash K. Srivastava, Jagesh K. Tiwari, Bir Pal Singh & Vinod Kumar Chapter 03. Advances in Seed Science and Technology R.K.Singh, Vinod Kumar and E.P. Venkatasalam Chapter 04. Ground Water Resources Management K.K. Yadav and P.K. Singh Chapter 05. Composting Process: Physiology and Microbiology Brijesh Kumar Mishra, Sunil Kumar and Ashutosh Sharma Chapter 06. Integrated Farming Systems for Sustainable Agriculture in Southern Rajasthan Hari Singh, S.K. Sharma, S.S. Burark, L.N. Dashora and G.L. Meena Chapter 07. New Interventions in Productions and Protection of Horticultural Crops D.K.Sarolia, Raju Lal Bhardwaj, M.K.Sharma and Vineet Kaswan Chapter 08. Ageratum conyzoides: Biological Control for Sustainable Agriculture Rajesh Kumar Chawla and Rajvir Singh Chapter 09. Molecular Diagnostics Technique for Plant Pathogens Rahul R. Bakade, Sundaresha S. and R. K. Singh Chapter 10. Ber Postharvest: Science and Technology Sunil Pareek Chapter 11. Molecular Markers in Crop Improvement: An Introduction Jagesh K. Tiwari, Avinash K. Srivastava, Poonam, Vinay Bhardwaj and Bir Pal Singh Chapter 12. Health Enhancing Foods for Health and Nutrition Security Urvashi Nandal Chapter 13. Quantitative Trait loci Underlying Nutrient Stress in Crops: An Update Jagesh K. Tiwari, Sundaresha S, Avinash K. Srivastava, and Bir Pal Singh Chapter 14. Bioinformatics in Plant Genome Analysis: An Introduction Jagesh K. Tiwari, Sundaresha S., Shashi Rawat and Bir Pal Singh Chapter 15. Patentability of Microorganism: Indian Scenario Krishan Gopal, Sundaresha S, Jagesh K. Tiwari, Ajit Singh Naosekpam, Vinay Bhardwaj, Sanjeev Sharma and Bir Pal Singh Chapter 16. Recent Advancement of Potato Production Technology in India Jagesh K. Tiwari, Manoj Kumar, Bir Pal Singh and Vinod Kumar Chapter 17. Role of Underutilized Fruit Plants in Sustainable Development of Agriculture Raju Lal Bhardwaj and Urvashi Nandal Chapter 18. A Glimpse of Plant Databases for Crop Improvement Ritu Singh, Shashi Rawat, Sundresha S.,Jagesh K. Tiwari and Bir Pal Singh Chapter 19. Role of Enzymes in Food Processing Sunil Kumar, Ravi Kant Verma, B.K. Mishra and D.S. Chopra About the Author : Brijesh Kumar Mishra: Senior Scientist (Microbiology), NRCSS-ICAR, Tabiji, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305 206, India Sunil Kumar: Senior Scientist (Biochemistry-Plant Science), CIPHET-ICAR,Abohar,Punjab 152116 Jagesh Kumar Tiwari; Scientist (Horticulture), CPRI-ICAR, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171 001, India Learn More

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  • A Textbook of Food & Beverage Management

    Introduction/ The Restaurant Sector/ Contract, Travel and Public Sector Catering/ Budding the Concept/ The Menu: Food and Beverage/ Purchasing and Storage/ Production and Service/ Food and Beverage Control. Learn More
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  • Food Science

    Type your description Learn More
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  • Objective Food Science and Technology

    Table of Contents : Introduction 1 Food Chemistry 1.1 Subjective keynotes 1.2 M.C.Q.’s 1.3 Answer key 2 Food Microbiology 2.1 Subjective keynotes 2.2 M.C.Q.’s 2.3 Answer key 3 Food Engineering 3.1 Subjective keynotes 3.2 M.C.Q.’s 3.3 Answer key 4 Fruits & Vegetables Technology 4.1 Subjective keynotes 4.2 M.C.Q.’s 4.3 Answer key 5 Dairy Technology 5.1 Subjective keynotes 5.2 M.C.Q.’s 5.3 Answer key 6 Cereal Technology 6.1 Subjective keynotes 6.2 M.C.Q.’s 6.3 Answer key 7 Meat Fish & Poultry Technology 7.1 Subjective keynotes 7.2 M.C.Q.’s 7.3 Answer key 8 Bio-process Technology 8.1 Subjective keynotes 8.2 M.C.Q.’s 8.3 Answer key 9 Foods and Nutrition 9.1 Subjective keynotes 9.2 M.C.Q.’s 9.3 Answer key 10 Food Additives 10.1 Subjective keynotes 10.2 M.C.Q.’s 10.3 Answer key 11 Food Packaging 11.1 Subjective keynotes 11.2 M.C.Q.’s 11.3 Answer key 12 Miscellaneous 12.1 Subjective keynotes 12.2 M.C.Q.’s 12.3 Answer key Sample Papers Learn More

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  • A Laboratory Manual of Food Analysis 1/ed

    Food products are analyzed for a variety of reasons, e.g., compliance with legal and labeling requirements, assessment of product quality, determination of nutritional value, detection of adulteration, and research & development. The aim of this book is to provide students the experience in performing food analysis experiments, analyzing data and reporting their findings. It covers the basic principles of analytical procedures and techniques commonly used to provide information about the chemical composition, structure and physical properties of food materials The book contains 32 laboratory experiments on component analysis of food such as moisture, ash and minerals, fats and oils, proteins, carbohydrates, pigments and vitamins. Important background information like sampling techniques and preparation of primary and secondary solutions has been included. A ready reckoner on principles and working of various instruments has also been appended at the end of the book. PROXIMATE ANALYSIS OF FOOD SAMPLING SAFETY RULES FOR THE LABORATORY PREPARATION OF PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SOLUTIONS COMPONENT ANALYSIS 5.1 Moisture 5.2 Ash and Minerals 5.3 Fats and Oils 5.4 Proteins 5.5 Carbohydrates 5.6 Pigments 5.7 Vitamins Learn More

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  • Question Bank on Food Science and Technology

    In the last few decades many Indian education organization including university departments, institutions, colleges and deemed universities have started UG, PG, and doctorate degree programme related to Food Science and Technology, Food Processing, Food Engineering and allied courses such as Dairy Technology, Post Harvest Technology, Food Nutrition, Agricultural and Food Process Engineering etc. The Students of these discipline always demanding the Objective Question Bank for their academic purpose as well as for competitive examinations in this area. Hence this book is written to compensate the demand of the students. This book contains questions on the multiple choice, fill in the blanks, state true and false as well as matching type. This book is highly useful for the aspirant of ASRB-NET, ICAR-JRF/SRF, IIT-GATE, ARS, PG CET, Banking and various other competitive examinations. Hence this book can serve as a single platform for preparation of competitive examinations in Food Science and Technology Discipline. Learn More

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  • Culinary Economics

    The market for culinary businesses is burgeoning in geometric progressions each year. Failure of some of the world's best culinary businesses happens due to the poor knowledge and application of culinary economics. Given its all-embracing content, ';Culinary Economics' is a classic textbook for students and practitioners alike with cost management as the essence of this book. The book deals with the systematic examination of various factors of food production economics. It is panoramically sweeping in its content, integrating the critical dimensions of F&B controls, procurement, inventory management and revenue strategy. It highlights the imperative of using audit and internal controls as effective instruments for not only plugging value leaks, but also as a means of enhancing quality and customer satisfaction.The book logically flows from the macro to the micro of the dynamics of culinary business. Every module provides the conceptual framework of the topic, including its context, criticality and significance, followed by detailed explanations and guidance. The exhibits are an invaluable supplement and ready reckoner, bringing focus to each part of the book. Learn More

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  • Food Packaging

    Food packaging is a multidisciplinary subject involving, Food Science, Food Engineering, Food Processing and Preservation, Food Technology, Food Chemistry and Microbiology. This book includes 18 chapters related to mechanical and chemical pulps, the kinds of deteriorative reaction, food packaging metals and their corrosion, packaging of foods in metal containers, use of glass in food packing, plastic packaging-a modern dilemma, use of nanotechnology in foods and their packaging, thermoplastic polymers, important plastics processing methods, the packaging of cereals, dairy products, fruits and vegetables and meat and meat products, sterilization of packaging material and shelf life of packaged foods, importance of eco-friendly packaging and its sustainability and the vision for future food packaging. Readers with an interest in food packaging will find the information given in various chapters to be timely, representive of some of the best work in the field of food packaging, and of great value. We hope that this book shall be very useful for the students doing under graduation and post graduation in the disciplines of Food Science and Technology, Food Processing and Nutrition. Learn More

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