Current English Grammar and Usage

By Gupta S.M

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Key Features

• Explains difficult grammatical concepts in a simple and lucid language.
• Provides models for every writing activity.
• Incorporates latest linguistic research in the conceptualization and presentation of the grammatical material.
• Contains lots of exercises with solutions.


1. Word Classes
2. Phrases
3. The Sentence: Different Types
4. Sentence Patterns
5. Compound and Complex Sentences (Including Infinitival, Gerundial and Participial Constructions)
6. Conditional Sentences
7. Indirect Speech
8. The Uses of Articles
9. Determiners
10. Prepositions
11. Tenses
12. Modal Auxiliaries
13. Passive Voice
14. Letter Writing
15. Precis Writing
16. Reading Comprehension
17. Report Writing
18. Vocabulary

Appendix 1: Types of Clauses
Appendix 2: Rules for Spelling Changes
Appendix 3: Punctuation Review
Appendix 4: Concord
Appendix 5 Forms of Verbs



In the present age of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution and social networking scenario, fast and precise communication has become the need of the hour. But in the whirlwind of fluency, accuracy cannot be sacrificed. Sometimes, adequate attention is not paid to the use of grammar and usage, which leaves a very bad impression on the readers. This book on English grammar presents the topics in an innovative way and meets the long-felt need of a good user-friendly grammar book. The book makes the study of grammar very interesting, challenging and exciting. It discusses grammatical categories, processes and principles of sentence construction in a very simple and lucid manner. The book starts with the discussion of word classes and goes on to describe phrases and sentences. More importantly, it deals with the problem areas of tenses, modal verbs, articles, determiners, prepositions, passive constructions and direct and indirect narration in a novel way. The composition section of the book includes a very useful presentation of letter-writing, precis-writing, report writing, reading comprehension and, above all, the use of vocabulary. The Appendices on how to avoid spelling errors and a complete list of the types of sentences are very useful. This comprehensive and well-researched book should prove very valuable for undergraduate students of all streams. Besides, professionals, those preparing for competitive examinations and even any lay reader who wishes to possess the essentials of English grammar and usage will find the book useful and interesting.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Author Gupta S.M
ISBN 9788120347434
Publisher PHI
Year of Publication 2013


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