Biotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications (Hindi) 3/ed

By Purohit SS, Mathur S

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1. Biotechnology.
2. DNA,gene,genome,protein synthsis and dna chip technology.
3. application of genetic engineering.
4. enzyme in genetic engineering (nucleic acid enzymology).
5. gene cloning vectore.
6. recombianant DNA technology.
7 genetics,engineering technology.
8. expression of include genes.
9. gene silincing and antisense technology.
10. scope,achievment and hazard of genetically modified crops.
11. eco-social impact of genetically modified crops/foods.
12. plant tissues principal and methology.
13. histological and photographic techniques for plant tissue culture.
14. protoplast technology.
15. micropropagation in plants.
16. somatic embryogenesis.
17. somaclonal and gametoclonal varient selection.
18. gynogenesis and crop improvement.
19. sysneed or synthic seed.
20. plant tissue culture some realted aspects.
21. animal cell and tissue culture.
22. immunology,serology and acciness.
23. animal health biotechnology.
24. antimicrobial drugs and biotechnology.
25. application of animal biotechnology.
26. trangentic animal technology.
27. biotechnology in fisheries.
28. biotechnology and transgenic plants.
29. biotechnology and forestry.
30. biotechnology of biofertilization producation.
31. enzyme and biotechnology.
32. producation of enzyme and fermentation technology.
33. enzyme immobilization.
34. industrial fermantation technology.
35. enzyme-based industrial fermentation technology.
36. application of enzyme in industries.
37. biotechnology biomass energy.
38. biotechnology enviromental protection.
39. biosensors,biochips,biofilms and biosurfacetents.
40. biotechnology and biodiversity conservation.
41. biotechnology adn ethics.
42. bioinformatics.
43. nanotechnology.




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Additional Info

Author Purohit SS, Mathur S
ISBN 9788177544732
Publisher Agrobios
Year of Publication 2014


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