Disaster Management

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  • Disaster Management in India Evolution of Institutional Arrangements and operational Strategies

    Contents: 1. Introduction, 2. Types of Disasters, 3. Natural Disasters, 4. Man-made Disasters, 5. Disaster Management, 6. Lessons from Past Experiences – Illustrative Case Studies, 7. The Road Ahead. Learn More

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    Description: Regular famines, frequent earthquakes, repeated floods, and similar natural calamities have always threatened human lives on earth. These environmental turbulences, in the recent times, have increased manifolds and the repercussions are felt day in and out. Uttarakhand was totally washed down by the 2014 Floods, Kathmandu got devastated by the 2015 Earthquake, and the list is endless. These increasing threats posed by the recurring natural disasters have made disaster management a prerequisite! This book provides various dimensions of Disaster Management, causes of disasters—both natural and manmade, threats posed and the ways of managing the same. Divided into 28 chapters, and organized into three parts, the book elaborately explains the concepts with suitable examples. Part I on ‘Systems of Earth’ introduces the readers to the various aspects of earth that could cause disasters. Part II on ‘Disasters’ deals in detail with the various causes and dimensions of disasters. Part III on ‘Disaster Management’, provides the reader with various disaster management techniques and frameworks to mitigate the consequences of a disaster. The book is suitable for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Geography and also postgraduate students of Management. Moreover, the book can also be suitable for the students of Environmental Engineering. Part I: SYSTEMS OF EARTH 1. Introduction 2. Lithosphere 3. Atmosphere 4. Hydrosphere 5. Biosphere Part II: DISASTER AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT 6. Disasters 7. Characteristics of Hazards 8. Categorisation of Disasters 9. Biological Hazard 10. Anthropogenic/Technological Hazards 11. Environmental Degradation: Land and Soil Degradation 12. Environmental Degradation: Air and Water 13. Environmental Degradation: Deforestation, Desertification and Others 14. Risk 15. Vulnerability 16. Impact of Disasters Part III: DISASTER MITIGATION 17. Disaster Management 18. Mitigation 19. Response to Natural Disasters 20. Mitigation of Manmade Disasters 21. Evacuation 22. Recovery 23. International Disaster Assistance 24. Disaster Preparedness 25. Disaster Resilience 26. Disaster Management in India 27. Response to Disasters 28. International Frameworks in Disaster Management Index Learn More

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  • Objective Environmental Studies And Disaster Management

    This book is intended for the preparation of competitive examination and will be highly useful for the students undergoing the course Environmental Studies and Disaster Management. This book is intended to give easy readability, and it covers almost all the sub sect of Environmental Science and Disaster Management Learn More
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