Milk Testing: A Laboratory Control Of Milk

By Davis JG

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In this book the author has endeavoured to include all the necessary information for the routine control of milk (raw, pasteurized and sterilized) and also (hopefully) of cream. It is thus written for those concerned with laboratory work in collecting-depots and pasteurizing-dairies, and it may also be found useful by dairy farmers and producer-retailers who wish to run their own laboratories. It is intended to be a practical manual for the bench worker. A brief introduction and "background" are given for the more important routine control tests, together with detailed techniques. For those tests which are never used for routine control, but which may be required for special purposes, a reference to a standard method is given. Some repetition of detail will be observed, but this has been included purposely in order to make each description of a technique complete in itself.



Table of Contents: 1. Sampling 2. Physical Tests 3. Chemical Tests 4. Biochemical Tests 5. Bacteriological Tests 6. Miscellaneous 7. Other Products 8. Organization of the Dairy Control Laboratory 9. References 10. Index

Additional Info

Additional Info

Author Davis JG
ISBN 9788177541281
Publisher Agrobios
Year of Publication 2015


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