You Don't Need A Godfather:

By Elango R

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What's slit chilies got to do with personal branding? Or for that matter a monkey eating ginger with you letting go? Or Ireland with success? Can't make the connect? 'You Don't Need a Godfather' will make these connects and also provide you with no-nonsense, proven methods to navigate and succeed in the complex, and sometimes scary workplace. It Should Grab Your Interest Because… Author is an active blogger, columnist, writer. Foreword by Jerry Rao, an Indian businessman and former CEO of MphasiS, a billion dollar company with over 40,000 people. Practical, conversational, jargon less book packed with interesting stories, humor and a bit of sarcasm “Just read it. It’s unputdownable. And quite inspiring...” -A.G. Krishnamurthy, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Mudra Communications, is currently the Chairman of AGK Brand Consult. “This is a fast-paced easy read on how to create and control your own destiny. Filled with anecdotes and humor, it will gently nudge you in the right direction.” · Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer. Author of No-Money Marketing Table of Contents : Section I: I Make ME Chapter 1: Appa! I Hate Ireland! Reality Bites: The BJP Story Chapter 2: Play to Fail Reality Bites: Pradeep’s Badge of Honor Chapter 3: YIPEE! Nobody is Watching Me Reality Bites: Silly Ways to Lose Your Job Section II: It is Not so Commonsensical Chapter 4: Slit Chilies on the Rocks: Reality Bites: Brand Dip Test Chapter 5: The Card Collector Reality Bites: ‘Social’ Acceptance Chapter 6: Gone in Sixty Seconds Reality Bites: The ‘Ha-Ha’ After the ‘Ah-Ha’ Section III: Making it Happen Chapter 7: Walk Like a Baby Chapter 8: Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full of Bitterness and Busy Weekends Chapter 9: A Twist in the Tale – the ‘And’ Factor Section IV: Staying Sane, Staying Successful Chapter 10: Monkey that Ate Ginger Chapter 11: Managing Monster Inc … or R.I.P. Reality Bites: What your boss will never tell you ...but you need to know Chapter 12: Success Traps And Back to ... The Beginning Abou the Author : Elango R - author, blogger, columnist, CHRO, coach and speaker

Additional Info

Additional Info

Author Elango R
ISBN 9781259002816
Publisher Tata Mc Graw Hill
Year of Publication 2013


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