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  • Objective Botany

    This book presents objective questions from all well-known branches of Botany. As many as 2200 questions have been framed right from Viruses which are invisible to naked eye to the most noticeable Angiosperms and from classical Taxonomy to the Modern Molecular Biology. The questions are compiled to help students appearing for the three coveted exams like Civil services, UGC -CSIR NET and Ph.D. entrance exams. Questions are substantially acquired from different competitive exams and also UGC -CSIR NET. Sections like Cytology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology and Ecology have more questions as these branches are more focused in these exams. Table of Contents : Preface v1. Viruses 12. Bacteria 53. Algae 184. Fungi 345. Plant Pathology 476. Lichens 537. Bryophytes 558. Pteridophytes 609. Gymnosperms 7110. Paleobotany 7811. Cytology 8312. Genetics 11213. Molecular Biology 14414. Biochemistry 17915. Economic Botany 19516. Plant Physiology 20417. Plant Anatomy 23618. Reproductive Biology/Embryology 24619. Plant Tissue Culture 26420. Plant Taxonomy 27021. Ecology and Environmental Science 28522. Biotechnology 31423. Evolution 32024. Instrumentation & Methods 32525. Morphology 33026. Biostatistics 332Appendices Appendix I: Some Economically Important Indian Plants 337Appendix II: Diseases and Causative Organisms 346Appendix III: Some Interesting Established Records in Botany 349Appendix III: Some Famous Indian Botanists and their Contributions 353Glossary 359 About the Author : Prof. T. Pullaiah obtained his M.Sc. (1973) and Ph.D. (1976) degrees in Botany from Andhra University. He was a Post Doctoral Fellow at Moscow State University, Russia during 1976-78. Professor Pullaiah joined Sri Krishnadevaraya University as Lecturer in 1979 and became Professor in 1993. He held several positions in the University, which include Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences, Head of the Department of Botany, Chairman, BOS in Botany, Head of the Department of Sericulture, Co-ordinator and Chairman, BOS in Biotechnology, Vice Principal and Principal, S.K. University College. He retired from active service on 31st May 2011. He was selected by UGC as UGC-BSR Faculty Fellow and is working in Sri Krishnadevaraya University. Prof. Pullaiah has published 53 books, 295 research papers and 35 popular articles. Learn More

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