Mūtra-Parīkṣā (Urine Examination) in Indo-Tibetan Medicine

By Dr. Bhagwan Dash

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Lost wisdom, half-forgotten scientific knowledge, unique practical devices – these form the contents of this slim but valuable book by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash, the noted scholar as well Ayurvedic practitioner.
Prevention and cure of various diseases are described in Ayurveda and Gso-ba rig-pa (San. Cikitsā-vidyā) or Tibetan Medicine. The method of examining urine for purposes of diagnosis is widely accepted in all forms of medicine. These methods are clearly outlined in this book. This valuable work ensures that none of these traditional methods are lost. It preserves the rich Indo-Tibetan heritage and brings them together in a scholarly yet reader-friendly way, by providing the Tibetan text of Rgyud-bźi with the corresponding Sanskrit couplets from Ayurveda.
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Additional Info

Additional Info

Author Dr. Bhagwan Dash
ISBN 9788121620147
Publisher Hind Pocket
Year of Publication 2014


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