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  • Forge Your Future

    Despite the fact that I spent my childhood in Rameswaram, an isolated island in the south of India, I could get educated, find a job and overcome many obstacles to become the President of my country. If I could overcome all the hardships and achieve what I have, so can you or anyone else. It does not matter where you start from or what you have achieved till date, the important thing is that from this point onwards, you decide what you want and work towards creating your own future. This is the message I want to convey through this book and if it can inspire even one young person to achieve his or her dream, I will feel that my effort has been truly worth it. In the last fifteen years I have interacted with more than 16 million youth, in face-to face meetings, through emails and over Facebook, and wherever I go I am asked questions. Everyday I receive about 300 emails and spend two hours reading and answering them. This book is based on the questions that I have been asked over the years. In their questions, people are mostly seeking solutions to problems that they are facing in their lives. Answering these questions, I realized that what we call problems may probably be a result of the way we ‘process’ events and situations in our lives and everything that happens in our world. ‘Process’ means the way we perceive and think about them. If we could change the way we ‘process’, then we could possibly change the way we think about our problems and hence also about their solutions. I believe it is possible to do so and that is the underlying theme in my answers. My answers are based on what I have learnt from my own experiences of life, and from reading books and my interactions with political and spiritual leaders. The replies in my book are presented in a way that they provide a generic message for any one who may be undergoing a similar problem in his or her life. Your life should be a manifestation of your dreams. That is why I always call upon the youth to dream lofty dreams and invoke in them a vision of their future. And in achieving your dreams, you are bound to face difficulties and obstacles, but with determination and discipline you can always overcome them, just as I have been able to do.” -From the Introduction of the book. It is remarkable that how, APJ Abdul Kalam, the 11th president of India continues to be such a popular public figure even seven years after demitting office. Much sought, much admired, he is an inspiration for the Indian youth and they turn to him for advice, guidance, inspiration, or simply just seeking to be in touch with him. The mentoring, the solutions, the direction, the philosophy he provides are based on the wisdom of his own experiences, as he knows well the trials and tribulations of the hard rocky road of life that he has walked from Rameswaram to the Rashtrapati Bhawan. This book is like a roadmap for life which one can turn to when needed, and come away reassured that there is always a way out of any situation and that we will be able reach our dream destination. Inspiring and intimate, it provides an insight into the mind and heart of one of the most remarkable leaders of contemporary India. A leader, who at the age of 84 continues to inspire young Indians towards living the life of their dreams." Learn More

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    An unauthorized biography of the man hoping to be India’s prime minister Narendra Modi is one of the most controversial politicians dominating contemporary India. Never before have we had a leader like him, one who is loved and hated in equal measure. At a time when endemic corruption and weak governance have become major issues, Modi’s image as a decisive leader who can provide a clean administration has catapulted him on to the national stage. Helping his rise are his skills as an orator and claims to development in Gujarat, as also his popularity on social media, knack for attracting the youth, and ability to inspire industry’s confidence. But, for all his achievements he has also spawned a culture of fear that, too, now risks being replicated. Already living in anxiety are such varied groups as minorities haunted by the ghosts of 2002 and his own party colleagues who feel he will crush them as he consolidates power. If he becomes prime minister—an ambition that has consumed him for the past many years—Modi will have to walk a tight rope, given that India is a complicated country to rule. Will its most incendiary politician manage to lead a billion people? Or will he just get down to implementing what he thinks is the Hindutva agenda? Modi Demystified takes a hard, unbiased look at the man through his formative years and his decade in power and attempts to answer these questions. Learn More

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  • The Man of The Moment - Narendra Modi

    The Man of the Moment: Narendra Modi unfolds the rollercoaster life and the evolution of a consummate politician who has enlarged the contours of politics in India. Narendra Modi is poised to evolve as the ultimate 'game-changer' of Indian politics. His mesmeric hold over Gujarat's masses has translated into three consecutive victories in the state assembly elections. Unravel the enigma of Modi – his convictions and motivations, the secret of his amazing stamina, and his propensity to remain unfazed in the face of criticism. Accused of being communal, castigated for 'engineering' the 2002 Gujarat riots and maligned for being a 'polarizing' figure; Modi counterbalances these negatives with his Gujarat model of governance, ability to attract both foreign and Indian investment, and his personal integrity. Indeed, his connect with the youth makes him the strongest challenger to the Congress monopoly in India. Savour the fascinating journey of Modi from an ordinary RSS pracharak to Gujarat's longest serving chief minister and now, to a larger role on the national stage as Chairman of BJP's Election Committee for the 2014 general elections… And if several opinion polls and Modi's popularity in the social media are anything to go by, as the future prime minister of India! Table of Contents : Section I: From Grass Roots to Gujarat’s Helmsman Beginnings of a Quest Rites of Passage The Threshold and Beyond The Interregnum The Power of Retreat The Man and His Mission History and Hysteria The Secular Gossamer Of Commissions and Reality Test of Faith Renaissance Outside the Labyrinth The General in Command The View Beyond the Prism No Full Stop; Not Yet, Section II: From Government to Governance Focus on Governance Women, Tribal Welfare and Skill Development Novel Developments Economic and Industrial Growth Beyond the Shores of Gujarat Spreading Sadbhavana Modi and the Media Vibrant Gujarat 2013 Pinpricks The Elections of 2012 The Press Post-Mortem after Election 2012 Will He or Won’t He? At Close Quarters: The Man and His Persona Learn More

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  • Reflections of a Surgeon

    Reflections of a Surgeon’ is an interesting narration of a diffident boy, from a small town becoming a leading surgeon in India. He was an average student transformed to become an inspiring teacher and in spite of his speech defect, adored as a speaker. Part A. J. Cronin, part Gray’s Anatomy and, interestingly, part philosophy, part Indian value education and part spiritualism—It is a humble account of a life that was well lived and explains in simple language, the advantage of remaining focussed, despite the ‘noise’ that surrounds our lives today. This book is not meant to be a chronicle of Dr. Shrikhande’s professional success but is about the various many people he has interacted with, their stories and the impact they have left on him. The reader will surely gain many an insight into how life can be well lived and how true success should actually be measured. His Marathi book ‘…Aani Don Haath’ published by Popular Prakashan, was a best-seller for 12 weeks and an audio-book version of the same was broadcast on All India Radio to much acclaim. Many doctors and patients found in it inspiration to change their lifestyles. The book has received numerous literary awards including the Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad’s Laxmibai Tilak Award, US based Maharashtra Foundation Award for Progressive Literature, Dhananjay Keer Smruti Puraskar for Autographical Literature by the Kokan Marathi Sahitya Parishad, Bhairuratan Damani Sahitya Puraskar, and M. B. Yande Award for Literature among others. Learn More

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  • The Z Factor: My Journey as the Wrong Man at the Right Time

    The pioneer who gate-crashed his way to the top Subhash Chandra, the promoter of Essel/ Zee Group, is an unlikely mogul. Hailing from a small town in Haryana, where his family ran grain mills, Chandra has been a perennial outsider, repeatedly aiming high and breaking into businesses where he was considered an interloper. Starting work as a teen to pay off family debts, Chandra had to rely on bluff, gumption and sheer hard toil to turn things around. A little bit of luck and political patronage saw him make a fortune in rice exports to the erstwhile USSR. Always a risk-taker, Chandra then had the vision of getting into broadcasting early, even as established media players failed to see its potential. His Zee TV, India’s first private Indian TV channel, changed the rules of the game and tickled the fancy of a public starved of entertainment. Several gutsy initiatives followed, though not all of them were successful. Chandra’s attempts to launch satellite telephony and a cricket league came a cropper. But the man continues to reinvent himself; he is now also focusing on infrastructure and smart cities. This is an unusually candid memoir of a truly desi self-made businessman who came to Delhi at age twenty with seventeen rupees in his pocket. Today, he has a net worth of $6.3 billion and annual group revenues of about $3 billion. Learn More

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