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  • Mercantile Law for the CA-Common Proficiency Test ( CPT ) 1/ed

    The book broadly covers the mercantile aspect of law as per the syllabus of the CA Common Proficiency Test (CPT) Mercantile Law Examination of ICAI. It comprehensively explains the Contract Act, the Sale of Goods Act, and the Partnership Act. Features : • Illustrations using practical examples based on everyday situations and landmark judgments. • Diagrams, flow charts and tables summarizing the major laws and their salient features to aid in revision • Comprehensive question bank based on the CPT examination pattern at the end of each unit • Exhaustive mock test series for self-assessment and practice Table of Contents : 1. The Indian Contract Act, 1872 • Nature of Contracts • Offer and Acceptance • Consideration • Other Essential Elements of a Valid Contract • Performance of the Contract • Breach of Contract • Contingent and Quasi Contract, 2. The Sale of Goods • Formation of a Contract of Sale • Conditions and Warranties • Transfer of Property • Unpaid Seller, 3. The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 • General Nature of Partnership • Relation of Partners • Registration and Dissolution of the Firm About the Author : Nitika Bachhawat has been a teacher and mentor for more than eight years in the field of CPT and IPCC training. She has been successfully guiding and mentoring the students in the subjects of Mercantile and Company Laws. Besides her own centre, she is also associated with various well known CPT and IPCC training academies in India. Her unique teaching methodology and techniques have proved to be extremely successful with students. Learn More

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  • Financial Statements and Analysis

    Financial Statements and Analysis is written in a non-technical language and provides explanation and insight to each and every figure that appears in financial statements. The unique feature of the book is that all the three principal financial statements, namely, Balance Sheet, Statement of Profit, and Cash Flow Statement are thoroughly explained using the financial statements of Asian Paints Ltd. The last part of the book presents a framework through which the readers can view the financial health of any business. The book shows interconnection between the four drivers of profitability—asset management, cost management, leverage management, and tax management—and how they jointly improve the profitability of the company. The book is intended to provide a feeling of completeness to the readers in their understanding of financial statements. Even for those from a non-accounting background, this simple and easily readable text helps to read and understand financial statements and to be able to evaluate the financial health of a company. The book is relevant for non-financial managers, entrepreneurs, and the students of accounting courses from different backgrounds. It is also relevant for those pursuing courses on valuation, mergers and acquisition, and specialized course on Financial Statement Analysis. Learn More

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    FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FOR CA-IPC (GROUP-I) • Over 100 exhibits to acquaint students with various accounting treatment and formats • Over 400 illustrations have been provided for a better understanding of text • Over 350 solved problems (including quick revision) along with necessary working notes and alternative solution QUICK REVISION FOR FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - CA-IPC (GROUP-I) • Fully-solved Chapter-wise Scanner - C.A. professional examination problems with authentic solutions • Important theoretical questions and formulae for quick revision • Tulsian's revision test papers with answers • CA-IPC Examination papers Learn More

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    • Introduction • Material Cost • Labour Cost (Employee Cost) • Overhead Cost • Activity Based Costing • Output or Unit Costing (Cost Sheet) • Job Costing • Contract Costing • Process Costing • Operating Costing (Service Costing) • Integral and Non-Integral Systems • Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts Learn More

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  • IT Auditing

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  • Management Accounting 1/ed

    This fully updated text provides students with a clear and well-structured introduction to financial and management accounting. It focuses on presenting, with great clarity, how to use accounting information to make informed business decisions so as to help students to interpret, analyse and evaluate actual corporate financial statements.The book is suitable for any student taking a first course in accounting. Focusing squarely on the needs of business and management students, the book offers an innovative and practical approach to the subject. Without burdening the students with unnecessary details, the students get a complete overview of the subject plus plenty of practical exercises to test their skill at the end of each chapter. Most of the exercises and case studies presented in the book have been discussed in the classrooms and the student feedback has been incorporated in the final analysisAnother distinctive feature of the book is the extensive number of demonstration problems such as 'Let's Get Together and Solve', 'Critical Thinking Exercises' and 'Conceptual Analysis' that have been covered in each chapter. The book can be used as an introductory course at both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It will be of immense value to students pursuing MBA, MCom, MBE and other postgraduate courses at various Universities and other professional institutes. The book is also oriented towards non-accounting financial managers who should have an understanding of the financial implications of business decisions. The book can also be used in various Management Development Programmes as a non-technical accounting reference for non-accounting financial managers in business and other organisations. Learn More

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  • Cost Accounting.

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  • Essentials of Auditing

    This book is more useful to B.Com ,BBM, BBA,BCS,BBM,Students of various colleges and Universities. Learn More

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  • Public Finance Theory and Approach ,2/ed

    Public Finance-Theory and Approach is a comprehensive textbook based on UGC model curriculum and broad based on the syllabus of public finance of leading Indian universities at their UG and PG level the book has been divided into nine modules . Learn More

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